Sunday, September 11, 2011

G-Mane and DJ Dirrty - All Nite Smoke Session

For anyone who is familiar with G-Mane's music, All Nite Smoke Session has been on your wish list for several months now. G-Mane has always released quality projects, varying between the soulful, the bluesy, the gangsta, and the humorous. All Nite Smoke Session features a handful of unfamiliar producers who make a pretty impressive offering. Give this mixtape a listen to see why G-Mane is a perennial favorite among both old and new generations of country rap tunes fans.

DOWNLOAD: G-Mane and DJ Dirrty - All Nite Smoke Session

1. Roll Up Intro (Produced by AllRounda Productions)
2. Black Jesus (Produced by AllRounda Productions)
3. High (Produced by Sam Jay)
4. Attack Me (Produced by Ric & Thadeus)
5. KD Joint (Produced by Canness)
6. Pimpin featuring PimpSlimOrangeJuice (Produced by Epik Beats)
7. Sweet (Produced by Illmuzik)
8. Think (Produced by Laws of Movement)
9. Miss My Dawg (Produced by Laws of Movement)
10. Wordz Uv An Ex-Drug Dealer (Produced by Street Poetry)

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