Tuesday, March 6, 2012

iNDEED - iNDEED EP + Black Tears (Video)

iNDEED - Bl4ck T34rs from Tamarcus Brown on Vimeo.

Enter the headquarters of 5 Points Music Group, a cozy house tucked away in the middle of Atlanta, and you're greeted with sounds of all kinds bouncing through the place. In one room, you hear jazz keys playing over a mellow drum loop. In the next room, psych-rock guitars and... gospel vocals? The atmosphere is laid back, hazy, and pleasantly disorienting. The occupants are the members of iNDEED: Frontment Walt Live and Ricky Fontaine, as well as the Professor and DJ Burn One. All of these guys are specialists in one area or another, but freely flow from instrument to instrument as the vibe demands.

For those who have never set foot inside 5PMG HQ, rest assured that this crazy atmosphere in injected directly into iNDEED's music. There are plenty of good adjectives for it (funky, dirty, groovy, etc) but justice can only be done by listening. So without further ado, BLVD St and 5 Points Music Group are proud to present iNDEED's self-titled debut.


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