Monday, June 13, 2011

Kidd Kidd (aka Nutt Da Kidd) Shot in New Orleans!

New Orleans Hip Hop artist, Nutt Da Kidd ( @itsKiddKidd ) was shot 4 to 6 times Friday night in front of his mother’s home in New Orleans East, and he is currently in the hospital recovering. Word is he is doing fine, but details are sketchy at this point. This comes just a short time after he released his debut album The Reallionaire, under Sha Money XL's imprint. We can’t believe we came so close to losing ANOTHER New Orleans great! Keep Nutt in your prayers please.

He released this statement via Twitter: "wuzzam man thank yall for keepin me in yall prayers nigga hit me six times but dey aint stoppin nutin bitch ass nigga get ur refund I aint dead"


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