Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kidd Kidd Shooting Update!

New Orleans rapper Kidd Kidd, just released his debut album, The Reallionaire, he has a hot single with @50Cent, lots more in the pipeline but he was shot Friday night in New Orleans, and our friends at @WTULHipHop in New Orleans bring us an update. The following is from WTUL's website here:…

"As we previously reported, New Orleans rapper and friend of WTUL, Kidd Kidd aka Nutt da Kidd, was attacked and shot six times last Friday night. Details have been sketchy up until this point, but we recently had the privilege of visiting him while he recovered in the hospital.

According to Kidd Kidd, he was sitting in a car outside of his mother’s house in New Orleans East, when two men walked past the car to identify him. Shortly after that one pulled out a gun and started firing into the car. Kidd Kidd (real name Curtis Stewart) was hit six times, but police reported finding 32 shell casings at the scene! It is nothing short of a miracle that he survived, and his fans will be glad to hear that he will be leaving the hospital within a matter of days!

“Wrong place. Wrong time. New Orleans is a jungle. Just watch what vines you swing from.” he said. Kidd is in great spirits and glad to be alive, but clearly greatly disappointed at the senseless violence that is carried out in New Orleans everyday.

When asked about his attitude towards Rap after his shooting, he looked straight into our eyes, and said, “I feel like how Slim said, “God left me alive, so I can blow up in the world. I thank the man every night for takin’ me off that furly girl, It gave me the opportunity to raise my son in my community, Cause now a days niggas got guns and shit, screamin out unity! Motherfuck a nigga blusing me, Thats something I can’t go for, I done signed the contract, Shut the studio door!”“.

When asked if he had a message for his fans he said, “I am alive and well. Be expecting bigger and better things! I’m more focused than ever! It’s time for people to get scared!”

Shout out to Kidd Kidd, we are glad to hear you are recovering fast!

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