Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RIP Dough Boy

First time I met Dough Boy was when 30 Pack and I went to Huntsville back in '09. It was the day this picture was taken. In order to honor the man I asked PT Prime Time of Untamed ENT & Block Beattaz to say a few words. Our condolences go out to his family and good friends in Huntsville Alabama.

"This has been a very long week for Huntsville Alabama. We lost a close family member and close friend. I myself just have to come to terms with reality that I was just joking back and forth with this man laughing and joking. Big Ricky aka Dough Boy didn't just support my music career ( PT ) he support all of Alabama music artist that he knew. His artist ( singer ) Haze and rap (artist) Rap Tite and Mz. Nik was his push. He and his long time friend and right hand man RAP TITE established a company called THE KOMPOUND that his heart and soul was in. He leaves behind a special Wife ( Jennifer Melton ) and 5 kids ( Jessica, Kayla, Jamie jr., Cameron, Titiana. Big Rick was also apart of the RUFF RYDERS. SLOW MOTION SOUNDZ / BLOCK BEATTAZ was his extended family and we were all connected. He and Slow Motion Soundz General Manager ( CODIE G ) Also grew up together and were very close. He was a very Big Fan of BALLERS EVE RADIO out of NYC and supported also. Me myself ( PT PRIME TIME ) Was not only one of his favorite artist and producers, but Big Ricky aka Dough Boy also was like a brother and mentour to me. It was a time I was going through things and was about to give it all up and we would have 1 on 1 talks and he would tell me PT SHUT THAT SHIT UP, YOU GOING STRAIGHT TO THE TOP SO ALL THAT TALK ABOUT GIVING UP I DONT WANT TO HEAR. STAY FOCUSED YOUR A LEADER AND A WEAPON DAMN THE NEGATIVE LIL BRA So my solo album THOUGHTS OF A LEADER set for release FEB 2012 will be dedicated in memory of him. Gone but still watching over us. We love you Ricky Melton aka Big Ricky aka Dough Boy. 1979-2012 BAMA!!!!!!"


Hawaiian547 said...

Ricky, Love and Miss You !
I remember all the stupid stuff we would do back
In the days, we had a lot fun them days. You helped me enjoy life more than I would have if we never stayed as close as we did. Them Rides we would take on the bikes where some of the best times I ever had, dirt bike riding thru the tall torn bushes getting all cut up, going across the creeck bed by your dads house almost lossing the bike's cause the water got to deep, and all them Fri.-Sat. Nights at the drag strip. Man I miss them GOOD OLD DAYS & MAN I MISS YOU CUZ............ GONE BUT WILL "NEVER" BE FORGOTTEN..... "RIP"
...LOVE YOU, "THE BIG KAHUNA"Jason Iwamoto....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful things you said about my cousin! Its wonderful to know he had so many people who truely loved him! RIP ricky, I will always miss and love you

Hawaiian547 said...