Monday, January 23, 2012

Smallz Karodiny x DJ 5150 - The Rise of Smallz Karodiny [Mixtape]

Download: The Rise of Smallz Karodiny

01. Intro [Prod. By D.Boy]
02. Too Much (Feat. K-SO) [Prod. By Absolut-P]
03. Cartiers [Prod. By D.Boy]
04. Bad Guys [Prod. By D.Boy]
05. That's Not Right [Prod. By Absolut-P]
06. Swaggin' (Feat. Able) [Prod. By Absolut-P]
07. Mixed Feelings [Prod. By Absolut-P]
08. One Chance (Feat. Shannon Marie) [Prod. By D.Boy]
09. Rap Money, Trap Money [Prod. By D.Boy]
10. I Told Ya [Prod. By D.Boy]
11. Random Thoughts [Prod. By D.Boy]
12. Life's Great [Prod. By D.Boy]
13. Going [Prod. By D.Boy]
14. Outro [Prod. By D.Boy]

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