Friday, July 22, 2011

Audio: Mista Mayhemm "16 Grams The Mix Tape" hosted by Kat Daddy Slim aka KDS

"Ballers Eve is known for repping the south and showcasing guests from the south but during the summer of 2009 I met an artist with serious potential. Mista Mayhemm was with another artist from Arkansas (ROCK$tar) but for some reason Mayhemm really stood out to me.... After drinking hot coffee (aka a Ballers Eve special) and joking with Minski & J Dirrt bout crazy NYC girls.....Mayhemm goes "KDS we have to work together on a mixtape, i know we would kill it"....I knew Mayhemm was a true native of Little Rock Arkansas and definitely someone I wanted to work with on a mixtape.

In Febuary of 2011 Mayhemm reached out to me concerning an issue of local DJ's not showing local rappers enough love in Arkansas, I remember the crazy call like it was yesterday...he was like "bro, i need the Ballers Eve family to help me out"....which is when we first talked of me (KDS) hosting his mixtape.

Being someone down to help out Southern artists I jumped at the opportunity to host his mixtape. Me & Dirrt istened to the tracks and instantly knew it was something that deserved the Ballers Eve "stamp". Then as the project was close to being finished I got (OG Ballers Eve DJ & current Deftones bass player) Sergio Vega to help out by tweeking the final mix & giving it some special touches. All in all I ended up hosting a solid mixtape that can definitely be played from start to finish, with no skipping of tracks....ha!!"

-Kat Daddy Slim

Photo by 30 Pack 2009

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Anonymous said...

The realist nigga I kno! I'm his number one fan but I know of some many others that claim that! Before we were so tight I heard his music back in "04" and was like damn he fresh! Someone need to give him a major deal and quit playin! He's one of the greatest that should have been famous real talk! THA FAM ENT baby fa life! Mad love always.....
Brittany Scott(boo-kie) Arkansas baby!