Monday, July 11, 2011

Bambi - Bamlanta (Hosted By Djs Bishop, Esco, Swamp Izzo)

Download: Bambi - Bamlanta (Hosted By Djs Bishop, Esco, Swamp Izzo)
1. Intro feat. Ms. Stylistik
2. Bamlanta (Produced by Sheed)
3. Ganga Money feat. Compton Menace (Produced by SMG)
4. I'm Cute feat. Marco Polo (Produced by Cannon Boyz)
5. I'm Cute (Remix) (Produced by Cannon Boyz)
6. I'm That B**** feat. 2Eleven (Produced by Charlie)
7. No Money feat. Decatur Slim and Sylver Karatz (Produced by DJ Plug)
8. Look At Yo Body feat. Cap-1 (Produced by DJ Spinz)
9. Interlude feat. Ms. Stylistik
10. Buyin It (Produced by Juvie)
11. Bam Gates
12. Look At The Bam
13. BAM!!! (Produced by Cash Clay)
14. Hustle Hard
15. Tupac Back
16. B**** Get Off My D*** feat. Decatur Slim (Produced by Cannon Boyz)
17. Talkin Loud feat. Slick Pulla (Produced by JG)
18. B.A.M.
19. I Just Want The Paper (Produced by Sheed)
20. Outro feat. Ms. Stylistik
21. Rock On feat. Nola Trill (Produced by DJ Plug)
22. City Goin Bammer (Bonus Track)
23. Killin’em (Bonus Track)

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